Gabriella Wilder

Believing that song lyrics can help heal anything from a bad day to a broken heart, Gabriella strives to sing songs with meaning.  Looking towards Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline as inspiration Gabriella feels the heartfelt lyrics sung in country music and related especially well when it comes to write her own lyrics for her upcoming EP.

Singing came naturally to Gabriella as she started signing at weddings when she was only 6 years old and won her first competition at 8 years old.  She wrote her first song called “Let it go” when she was 13 and although her style of music has changed, she grew up in a creative household where her parents and siblings encouraged following your dreams and doing anything to achieve them.

Winning almost every competition entered since childhood Gabriella has earned the title of Vaughan Idol and was titled Grand Champion of the CNE’s Rising Star Competition.  From that experience Gabriella moved on to the Café competition in Saskatoon and was awarded runner up among the most talented youth in Canada.